Customer Happiness

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”“The Journey to Customer Happiness™””]The “mentor-in-the-pocket” to Enhance Customer Happiness and Employee Outstanding Performance[/ultimate_heading]

“The Journey to Customer Happiness™” Program Overview

The program is customized around the 3 pillars of the “ Customer Happiness Formula” launched by The UAE Government “as a new initiative to enrich the happiness and positivity concept”

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Teamwork” fancytext_color=”#ffffff” ticker_background=”#272361″]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Aligning customer happiness with corporate happiness” alignment=”left” main_heading_margin=”margin-top:30px;”]Journey is a development program that gives customer service employees an understanding of the value of emotional and social skills in the workplace and how it impacts personal and business performance.[/ultimate_heading]


SMART Application based on gamification to increase employees’ Emotional Intelligence Skills.
Available in English, Arabic and other languages.

Program Outcomes

Key EI & SI SKills  Helps your employee to Helps your team to
Self-awareness • Recognize how their emotions affect their performance

• Assess their strengths and limitations

• Respond positively to feedback

• Be comfortable working together

• Be confident in its strengths and clear about its needs

• Be open to suggestions for improvement

Selfcontrol • Keep impulsive emotions under control, even under stress

• Contain their frustrations

• Keep calm, even in difficult circumstances

• Respond positively to challenges

Empathy • Listen and learn from others

• Understand why people do what they do

• Tune in to others in the organization

• Respect and draw upon different experiences, skills and backgrounds

• Tune in to the priorities

• Connect to get things done

Influence • Have a positive impact on others

• Secure others’ support

• Have a positive impact across the organization

• Secure agreement and action

Teamwork • Contribute within a team, not just as an individual. • Bring out the best in each other.