Organizational Culture

The Denison Model

The Denison Model provides a comprehensive, yet easy to interpret guide for organizational change through two frameworks:

  1. Organizational Culture Model
  2. Leadership Development Model

The Organizational Culture Model and the Leadership Development Model. Built on the same foundation, both models describe the characteristics of high-performance business culture and leadership and measure four essential traits of all organizations. Supported by over 25 years of business applications and scientific research, the Denison tools truly connect culture and leadership to the bottom line.

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Path To High Performance

The process depicted in this framework helps in creating a robust cultural awareness, clarifying the key business priorities, and facilitating thoughtful action.

Path To High Performance

  • Why is culture important to the performance of your organization?
    Executive team alignment, commitment, and sponsorship
  • How can we ensure effective and sustainable culture development?
    Detailed project & communication plans; Role clarification
  • What is your current state?
    Data collection for a robust understanding of the current state
  • What is data telling us?
    Integration and synthesis of different sources of data
  • How do we create common understanding?
    Common understanding across the organization and clear priorities
  • How do we translate results into thoughtful actions?
    Detailed action plans and priorities at different levels
  • What is the impact?
    Disciplined and intentional culture development; progress towards higher performance