Psychological Emergency

Forced isolation & remote work during coronavirus crisis and beyond may be creating a psychological emergency

Physical health

  • Employers forced to introduce new protocols for the physical health and safety of employees in the workplaces
  • Implementation of remote work protocols which are challenging for both, employers and workers while ensuring physical well-being .

Emotional/mental health

  • Mental health issues impacting employees as response to the global crisis and impact on the workplace.
  • Emotional health challenges include anxiety, acute and chronic stress, burnout, procrastination, fear, etc

Work-related challenges

  • Low productivity due to emotional/mental issues are affecting the team and overall business continuity of the organization.
  • New approach to business forced by the crisis requires new business protocols for which managers are unprepared

Personal challenges

  • Demands of social distancing, closures of schools & online home learning for students, unexpected remote work and shrinking businesses, economic hardships of possible job loss
  • Fear of virus spread, grief, relationship issues or domestic violence are on the rise.