How EAP Works

How EAP Works

EAP is able to identify behavioral and other health problems that may affect workplace performance, and to prompt EAP users to access support. Employees and their direct family members are encouraged to use the EAP in case of any emerging issue that is hard to deal with on one’s own. The sooner assistance is sought, the less sever the impact will be on one’s well-being and job situation. The workplace is therefore an ideal setting in reaching a large group of individuals with potential mental health problems, emotional or other impairing issues.

Service Components:

The EAP offers employees, expats and their direct family members, confidential access to an international team of professionals who specialize in providing telephone and individual online assistance and counselling to help deal with personal and work-related issues.

Here are the main service components:

  1. Short term psycho-social support in different languages.
  2. Available via a toll-free number 24 hours a day, all year round.
  3. Confidential, culturally sensitive and independent.
  4. Free of charge for all employees & family members.
  5. External referral to specialized resources.
  6. Close interfacing with HR, HSEQ, works council and your company’s medical department.
  7. Periodic reporting; providing decision makers with managerial information about the use and level of integration of the service enabling them to improve the corporate health strategy.
  8. Dedicated account management dealing with client management issues and program development.
  9. Managerial and supervisory training to handle situations of distress and proactively guide co-workers towards professional support.
  10. Creating awareness about EAP, Health, Work-Life and Life-Style issues.
  11. Strategic Health Policy development