CCS MENA – The Path Partnership

  • In addition to our extensive coverage in Europe, CCS has launched one of the largest Pan-Arabic telephonic support centers to service EAP clients in the Middle-East and North African region (MENA). After 2 years of intensive efforts the project was a success, currently covering almost 100.000 employees in the region.
  • Service features:
  • 24/7 toll-free access in Standard Arabic and English.
  • Extensive team of qualified counselors (psychological and/or clinical social work background) with proven experience in phone counselling, handling emergencies and offering consistent support.
  • This team of native professionals has further been trained by the CCS professional development team meeting the high quality standards we are known for.
  • The team receives regular Clinical supervision provided by a local trainer and further is subject to ongoing quality review to ensure compliance with our international standards of quality of services.
  • Confidential and secure data management using exclusively the highly secure¬† ISO Certified – CCS Data Management System.
  • 48 hours SLA in transferring cases to an extensive network of local counselors across MENA offering telephonic or F2F counselling in Arabic and English
  • Dedicated account management and tailored reporting customizable on clients, countries, groups of clients, etc.