Customer Happiness

“The Journey to Customer Happiness™”

The “mentor-in-the-pocket” to Enhance Customer Happiness and Employee Outstanding Performance

“The Journey to Customer Happiness™” Program Overview

The program is customized around the 3 pillars of the “ Customer Happiness Formula” launched by The UAE Government “as a new initiative to enrich the happiness and positivity concept”

Daniel Goleman’s 5 Emotional Intelligence Factors:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control
  • Empathy
  • Influence
  • Teamwork

Aligning customer happiness with corporate happiness

Journey is a development program that gives customer service employees an understanding of the value of emotional and social skills in the workplace and how it impacts personal and business performance.


SMART Application based on gamification to increase employees’ Emotional Intelligence Skills.
Available in English, Arabic and other languages.

Program Outcomes

Key EI & SI SKills  Helps your employee to Helps your team to
Self-awareness • Recognize how their emotions affect their performance

• Assess their strengths and limitations

• Respond positively to feedback

• Be comfortable working together

• Be confident in its strengths and clear about its needs

• Be open to suggestions for improvement

Selfcontrol • Keep impulsive emotions under control, even under stress

• Contain their frustrations

• Keep calm, even in difficult circumstances

• Respond positively to challenges

Empathy • Listen and learn from others

• Understand why people do what they do

• Tune in to others in the organization

• Respect and draw upon different experiences, skills and backgrounds

• Tune in to the priorities

• Connect to get things done

Influence • Have a positive impact on others

• Secure others’ support

• Have a positive impact across the organization

• Secure agreement and action

Teamwork • Contribute within a team, not just as an individual. • Bring out the best in each other.